Saturday, July 2, 2011

12 Hour Crop at SGD!!!

Wow oh Wow!!! I had an awesome day at SGD!

I spent the better part of Canada Day putting together paper with picture! Organized my supplies that I wanted to bring. Then realized other than the Cricut I had no clue what was going to be there! So packed some tools! I also brought about half of my embellishments as knowing me if I didn't have it with me I would buy it from the store!Which there is nothing wrong with that...but let's face it... we are talking about me and sometimes my scrapbook shopping can be a little much!

Charlie woke me up this morning bright and early at 6 am! and well did a last minute Blog check and off we went! Beautiful skies in St Thomas but the minute I got to the store the rain just kept coming down!!!! I was soaked getting in...but not to worry warm welcomes and greetings I forgot about my cold wet feet! Lucky for me there were five of us today! Now I do say lucky me...because Sheila said "spread out take up as much space as you need!" So I spread my wings and took up almost four whole tables! There were drinks and snacks available. And guess what there was chocolate milk! I tried to contain myself and not drink it all but I was thrilled so see milk being served! Then there were these almonds! Salted yummy in your tummy almonds! Okay there was a big variety of snacks but those where my favorite!

From the time I started receiving the weekly news letters from SGD composed by Sheila, I felt like I knew her. The first time I went into the store and got to meet her I thought it was cute! She came up and introduced herself! Not many business owners do that! I felt like a v.i.p. The second time I went in and she was there she recognized that I had cut my hair and had a new look! She knows how to make a girl feel special! Then she dropped the news!! Andrea and Lori were going to be coming too!!! I have been stalking those two by their blogs since SGD had their Blog Hop a few months ago! My heart starting racing! I had seen their pages, cards and books and now I was going to meet them. I got so flippin' excited! Then I had to calm myself down. "Lynn you know of them...they don't know you! Try and lay off on the stalking and act normal!" This is what I kept telling myself and well in the car so is Dave (God love him) he knows me! Meeting them was amazing, and nice that they did know who I was :) Andrea nailed it perfectly when she describe what it's like when she meets someone that she follows! It is like meeting Brad Pitt! Wonder if they realize in my scrapbook world they run circles around Brad pit!?! They were also putting the final touches on the monthly kit which I drooled over!!! Oh I can't wait for this months kit! I saw what they created and wow oh wow! It was a tease!! It seriously was one big tease!! I think my only problem was trying not to always sound like I was sucking up. But you have to see their talent to believe it! I really enjoy the kits and knowing that I was there watching them create/work with it! Whoa!!!

Well I need to get some sleep but will upload the pictures of my latest creation soon!!! Off to bed to have sweet dreams of scrapbooking and stamping! I only wish I lived closer to take some classes!!!

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