Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Making it POP

Hello! Lynn here today sharing my tips to making your layouts pop. I had the pleasure of working with the Main Kit. I don't know about you but receiving my scrapbook kit is a production at my house. The whole family is involved. The minute that bad boy makes it to my place the kids and I are dancing and squealing. We then sit down and open the kit. The rule is mommy is the first one to touch (everything). This kit is stuffed with beautiful pieces, lots of great embellishments. 
Beautiful flowers and I loved the velum words. 

Little did I know there is a bit of a competition between my kids as to who's picture will be used in the layouts.

Once the pictures are selected I will then match them to the base pattern paper. I then go through the embellishments and add the ones I believe will go well with my picture and the base page.  I then start to stage my layouts. Using either a sketch or playing with the various pieces, till I get my look. Once my look is achieved I will take a picture of my layout.

This picture will serve as my guide as I layer, ink, distress the pieces. I will cut pieces in ½ to layer. 

The picture on the left is of my stage layout and the one right is my actual finished layout. You will see there is a slight difference in the placement of the pieces but overall pretty close match. 

By cutting pieces in 1/2 and layering you achieve a full look to your layouts. Slightly inking those edges will help those elements pop. 

I also picked inks that would go with my embellishments. 

Another way to make your layout pop is to add a darker color with a bright. For this layout I loved the black vellum lettering. But when I staged my layout the black lettering was a bit off. 

I decided to layer my patterned paper with black cardstock. I then painted a few embellishments with black paint. Adding bits of color here and there around the layout. 
For extra shine I added Faber Castell Glass Bead Glitter Gel

I love soft layouts but sometimes simply tracing out a few elements in black will help them stand out. 

Tracing words or shapes will help draw attention. 

Also don't be afraid to manipulate some of the pieces. I had a few gold leaves in my kit that I cut into hearts to make my layout work. 

I also added a few color blotches by fanning my nozzle on the pattern paper. 

I started editing a bit of journaling on my pictures. I really wanted to use these pictures but the paper combo's where not working for me. So using a bit of color (I used my Color Bloom spray or you can use your Lindy's) re-colored a couple of my pieces. I also cut hearts out of other embellishments.

I also recolored some of the pieces to "bold" them. 

Inking the edges to help them stand out. 

Hope this helps you on your creative process. Don't forget to check out the DT Gallery

Enjoy this fabulous kit!

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