Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Never a dull moment

Happy Day my friends, 

Today I am sharing my tutorial on my background for my "never a dull moment"
This has to be one of my favorite pictures of my youngest! You can tell he is so full of energy! 

You know when they say that there are no oops in scrapbooking only creative adventures?!?! 
We'll this was my creative adventure! 
My original design was going to be splashes of red around the photo. I was to use clear gesso and then blotch away. Apparently, the coffee was not strong enough and I grabbed my white gesso. I started painting it on with a paintbrush and realized "oh wrong one". 

So began my creative adventure! I randomly started streaking the pattern paper!
I still wanted to have the red! 
I mixed some of Mister Huey's ink with Dreamcatcher paste! 

And then we had pink! So I kept adding red till I had my color! 
I applied the paste to my stencil and started spreading my colored dreamweaver paste. 
Unfortunately I did not use the right ratio of ink to paste and it was a little watery.
But it left me with a fabulous look!

I had still managed to achieve my splashes! 

Using some of the fabulous embellishments and layering I matched everything up very nicely.

I then added a few splats of dark ink to show layer! 

Have a fabulous day!!!

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