Monday, January 30, 2012

Flying Unicorn

Helloooooo Winter!

So the snow is here! And I am not excited for the long drive home. It took me 1hr 45 min to get in this morning! But on the brite side I’ve joined a new site! The Flying Unicorn ! Which is filled with amazing and friendly talent! I will fully admit that I am stalking Shona! (he he he Hi Shona) and love her work and when I saw her post that she was now with the Flying Unicorn guess who came around! I love challenges, video’s and tutorials and this place has loads of them! I also attempted to play in one of the sketchy Monday Challenges! And there is a new one posted today!!!!

So stop by and take a peek! Here are a few peeks of amazing work I've seen in the gallery!
These scrappers have talent!





  1. HI are going to LOVE it there with us...we are so much fun hehe :) and yes there is so much amazing talent there!!!

  2. This is like the sweetest post ever !!! I am thrilled that you stalked Shona & I am sure that you will make so many more wonderful friends!! Thanks honey !

  3. So glad that you followed Shona to Flying Unicorn .. see you there!

  4. So glad you joined honey, and so happy that you are part of our forums now! Glad to have you!!!

    Hugs! Frank

  5. Awh Lynn, you are the best!! We are always thrilled to get members like you!! I look forward to getting to know you at the Unicorn! Maggi

  6. So glad you came over to the Unicorn! Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  7. AWWW how wonderful to have you join us at Flying Uni!! I have to say this is the most awesome post ever!! Shona is such a talent isn't she..she's one of my faves too ;) Can't wait to get to know you!

  8. Please pop on over to my blog to collect your Liebster blog award.


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