Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week 10 PL

Hello.  Saturday,  on the SGD blog and Andrea posted a great video for project life. Today I am sharing my own adventures for project life. I have always kept a journal of sorts for the kids and their moments. When I started scrapbooking, it was to record those moments. Then scrapbooking became so much more than just documenting. The more my passion grew for the creative aspects, the less documenting I did. Project life lets me tell that story. 

I purchased the Midnight Collection Core Kit.

I picked this kit for the black, grey, white and gold colors. My thought was that I could pre-slot my cards and make it a faster project in my album. I had also purchased the corner rounder punch.

 and the Square Corner 3x4 Picture Punch.  These two tools are real time savers!

Perfect punch out.

During the week I keep a little journal. Then I would  fill out the journal cards and decide on my photo's. I do love the uniformity of the kit, but maybe the scrapper in me wanted to add a little color.  This is my 'work in progress' picture. 

So I went through my sticker sheets and paper scraps and added some color. 

I am thrilled with how this week turned out. It really does represent me and my little family. 

Sticker sheets are sometimes tricky for me so I love that I can put them to good use. With my star border punch, I added some fun elements. If you look at the bottom right picture you can see the negatives of the stars from the border punch. 

With my Square Corner 3x4 Picture Punch I was able to punch out the Lego Land brochure. I also found a cool documentation stamp. 
Here are more close ups of details. 

How do you work with Project Life? I would love to know. Have a great week. 


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  1. that is a great album and project life is so awesome!


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